The archive

For a long time, the private archives have been considered as a source only useful for the study of the history of nobility. In fact, they represent a pool of information useful for several lines of research.

Since the personal stories of the archive owners are intertwined with episodes of historical and political relevance, there is information relating to great historical events. The archives also catalogue various aspects of local events.

These include the public administration of communities, the development of the local area, and economic activities. Sociological perspectives underlying the dense network of interpersonal and family relationships can be derived from the documents as well.

An example of this is the Ambrosio of Chialamberto archive. It contains family maps to which the Ambrosio have linked themselves with kinship or business. Examination of the documents preserved in the archive (between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries) can offer new ideas for research. Besides filling any biographical gaps, it contributes to a better knowledge of the personality and role of individuals in the ups and downs of a Savoyard state going through a profound transformation.

The Archival Superintendency of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta has declared the archive historically important. The archive is particularly significant for the history of the relationships between the various consignori of Villarbasse and Piossasco, and the other communities in the area between Val di Susa and Val Sangone. With a decree issued March 2, 2013, the archive was placed under protection and constraint.

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