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The Casa Lajolo Foundation was established in August 2016. Its primary purpose is to protect, conserve, and enhance the heritage of artistic, historical, and cultural interest of the house. It was formed by the complex of land and buildings called Casa Lajolo. It focuses on the local community, the use of the gardens, the vegetable garden, and the cultivations of the same as a further instrument for implementing the aims of the foundation. The Foundation was created to ensure the protection of the house by keeping it safe from natural deterioration.

It also has the aim of serving as a cultural reference point for the local area where the home resides. It favours the value and dissemination of cultural heritage linked to the property, which includes traditions, documents, objects of art and crafts, as well as landscape and natural elements that have helped to build its history.

From these objectives comes the need to open the home and its garden to the public. This allows guests to get to know and appreciate the history of the local area.

The Foundation also implements projects and initiatives aimed at promoting studies and historical and artistic research as part of the country’s more general heritage. It fosters the cultural and educational initiatives of young people by granting scholarships to those who engage in a range of artistic expressions (music, figurative art, theater, photography, etc).. Casa Lajolo wants to be a place where you can express your talents and network with others who share the same love of this culture.

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