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Welcome to Casa Lajolo!

Casa Lajolo is a mid-18th-century aristocratic country residence with an Italian-style garden and vegetable garden where you can discover the scents and flavors of wild herbs, fruits, and flowers.

The panel in front of you and this audio guide will take you through this site.

In the center of the panel is a map of the Casa Lajolo complex. The drawing highlights all the elements that make up the house and its outdoor spaces featuring large green areas. To the left of the panel, you will find the legend with a detailed list of the points of interest which you can visit and explore through the audio descriptions.

To activate the content, you can scan the QRcode on each of the panels located near the formal garden, the vegetable garden and the villa respectively.

Enjoy your visit!

The entrance, No. 1 on the map, features a large green doorway topped by an ancient coat of arms depicting six green lizards: this is the family’s coat of arms and explains the origin of the name Lajolo, which in Piedmontese dialect, “Lajeul,” means green lizard.

Throughout your visit you can explore the following areas, as shown on the map here. From right to left: the house (no. 2), the Boschera room(no. 3), the grove (no. 4), the formal garden (no. 5), the PERGOLA (No. 6), the terrace (No. 7), the stable (No. 8), the vegetable garden (No. 9), the pond (No. 10), the orchard (No. 11), the lawn-garden (No. 12), the bee-hives (No. 13), the small lake (No. 14) and the henhouse (No. 15).

You can now begin your visit, and please take all the time you need to enjoy the different parts of this itinerary.

On the panels along the way you will find the other QR-codes to access the rest of the audio content illustrating the map as well as the history and other interesting facts related to this fascinating place.

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