A mid-eighteenth-century country house
with its antique period charm still intact.
A garden in the Italian style laid out on three levels.
An area known as the English garden hidden
behind high yew hedges.
An undiscovered treasure.

The property acquired its distinct characteristics while in the hands of the Ambrosio family, who were counts of Chialimberto, the most famous of which was Domenico Simone di Chialimberto (1754-1803). Ambrosio di Chialimberto consolidated land through a policy of prudent acquisitions and judicious marriages to the families of Furno, Borda, and Sclarandi Scala. The land acquisitions took place in the villages of Villarbasse (of which they became consignori), Bruino, Piossasco, and None in the San Dalmazzo region.

The origins are still seen in the names of the surrounding farms. The Borda was unfortunately destroyed by the Rione Pozzo Strada in Turin. The farms currently still in existence are Furno (Piossasco), Furno (None, San Dalmazzo region), and “Shalambert” which is also in None, San Dalmazzo region, but within the borders of the Stupinigi park.

Piossasco was the administrative center of this now dispersed estate, as well as being the summer residence of the Chialimberto family. This was a convenient location when the royal court was in Stupinigi. Around 1850, with no heirs to the Chialimberto name and fortune, the property of Piossasco was inherited by their cousins, the counts of Lajolo di Cossano, an ancient family from Asti. To this day, the property still belongs to the Lajolo di Cossano family.